Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I was meeting up with a friend a few weeks ago, half way between Swindon and Oxford off the A420 in a little place called Buckland. As usual, I was early and to waste time I went for a walk round the village. In my wanderings I stumbled across the church. 

Located down the back of a little residential street, it is one of the most individual churches I have seen in a while. The windows on the church tower and the large, traceried window next to the porch indicate that it was originally Norman in date.

 The building lines that can be seen on the tower show the initial layout of the church, with the transepts, nave and chancel being higher in height than they are now. It looks as though the structure was changed in the Gothic Revival of the early 1800s.  

One of the most beautiful thing about the church though was the interior!! As I am not overly sure if you are allowed to put up images of church interiors without permission, I advise you go and have a look for yourself. Coloured interiors of churches today are so rare, that it was just wonderful to see this still surviving and I had to share it. I am quite jealous of the residents of Buckland....... 

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