Friday, 22 June 2012

Summer Solstice 2012

Britains longest (and wettest) day

Ok, so I know that Stonehenge isn't technically a 'forgotten building', in fact it is probably one of the country's most famous heritage sites. However, bear with me - there is a reason I am writing this.....

Yesterday was Britain's longest day and thousands of people gathered at Stonehenge to welcome in the morning sunrise at 4.52. As an employee of EH I voluntered to help, which meant staying up Wednesday night and doing the 6pm - 4am shift.

This was my first trip to Stonehenge (shocking for an archaeologist, please forgive me), yet it was possibly the best way to appreciate the stones, so my long awaited visit was not for nothing!!  Before our breifing we were allowed to wander the stones alone, without anyone else. It was amazing! The size and grandeur were stunning, something that I don't think can be experienced without standing next to it.

The path of the sunrise

I apologise for the quality of the pictures, all I had was my Blackberry.

I enjoyed myself throughout the whole night, even the torrential rain from 1 am did not dampen our spirits (When we finished our shift, I don't think we could have gotten any more drenched if we had jumped in the Avon). I fully recommend it. The atmosphere was amazing. People crammed themselves into the inner circle and celebrated all night. Even though stereos weren't allowed, people bought in acoustic drums and played traditional music while pagans and druids boogied the night away.

So if you are free next Summer Solstice, come and join us. It's free!

For better images of the evening click here

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