Monday, 13 August 2012

Dorset - Part I

This weekend, in celebration of myself and Kerri turning the ripe old age of 24, a few of use went camping to sunny Ol' Dorset and for once the weather was perfect for camping!!

We camped in what only can be described as a field. Weston Dairy Farm is exactly what it says it is, and for 28 days a year they are allowed to open their feilds to jolly English campers who will brave the weather no matter what to sleep under the stars. Why?.........because we are British. 

On our way over to the campsite we passed a beautiful little village called Kingston, that is nestled in the trees overlooking Corfe Castle. It's Grade I listed church of St James is an odd little addition. Sat on the highest point in the village, surrounded by trees, it has a semi-transelvanian feel, definitley not something you would expect to see in a sleepy little village in Dorset.

Built in 1880 for the 3rd Earl of Eldon, it is a Victorian style neo-classical church with french influence intermigled who's red ashlar stone walls do not fit in the style of grey chalky village setting. Nevetheless, it's architecture is rather stunning, especially the huge rose window above the western door.

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