Tuesday, 11 September 2012

St Martin's Church, Atworth

I have lived near this church for nearly 5 years now and every time I drive past it, I always tell myself to go and visit it, so now I have! Hurrah!

On many of my drive bys, I noticed that it had a very unusual wooden clerestory. 

I got very excited and my imagination got slightly carried away with this, concluding that it was medieval. However, when I actually managed to get a closer look I realised that it wasn't medieval at all, but Victorian (I have to admit, part of me was slightly disappointed). 

Yet, the disappointment soon fell away when I went to have a peek at the inside. 

The current St Martins was built in 1837 and internally, it is a Neo-Gothic architectural gem!!  These pictures don't really do it justice as there wasn't enough light for my camera to cope with, but the whole of the inside is predominantly timber based on the Victorian ideal of medieval religious architecture.

The roof is absolutely stunning, especially over the altar. 

The architect, unknown, didn't leave any detail left un-thought of. The minute detail on the timber structure is amazing, there were roses, thistles, clovers, and there must have been daffodils, though I couldn't spot one. 

The highlight for me and what made my day, was that fact that running along the top of the rood screen were Mini. Fan. Vaults!! if I ever get my ideal library, versions of these are definitely being included!!!!  They are absolutely beautiful. 

What can I say......never judge a book by it's cover! 

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