Monday, 10 December 2012

Industrial Northland

On Saturday I went on a road trip with a couple of friends up to Kaitaia. It is the most northern town before the cape and, technically, then end of urban civilisation in New Zealand. Safe to say, there was not an awful lot worth seeing. However, on the way back we did stop by this old timber mill (we are all archaeologists.....)

It was originally driven by steam and is thought to be the oldest surviving industrial building of its kind.

Located in Totora North, it is assumed that the construction date is around the turn of the century, possibly just before. The oldest part of the building is below, I think (the site was cordoned off and it was at my own risk to go and inspect - we were in flipflops/jandals and thought it safer for our feet to stay the right side of the law) and apparently, the original wooden floor boards are still in situ along with parts of the machinery.

The remains bridge used to transport goods can still be seen at the bottom of this picture.

As you can see it was rather a hot day, so as a little treat, we stopped off at Matauri bay for a little paddle.....absolutely stunning and not a person in sight!

Hope your weekend was just as fun!


  1. Wow, the beach looks amazing! I'm in Auckland right now, exploring everywhere at the weekends :-)

    1. It really was! It was so deserted I couldn't believe it. How long you in NZ for?